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Kai was a young, healthy student who showed tremendous potential. In less than 30 hours, meningitis B claimed his life. Read Kai’s story.

Know The Facts

  • Meningitis B can strike fast without warning, and 1 in every 10 people who contract the illness will die.
  • Post-secondary students are 5 times more likely to get meningitis B. 
  • Meningitis B is the most lethal strain of meningitis, and although there is a vaccine available, you are unlikely to have been immunized against the B strain.
  • Meningitis B symptoms manifest rapidly and are frequently misdiagnosed as the flu. Know the warning signs.

Provincial Vaccine Programs

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are the first two Canadian provinces to offer vaccine support programs for post-secondary students.

Nova Scotia

In May 2023, Nova Scotia announced it will fully fund the Meningitis B vaccination for Nova Scotian youths from 25 and under who are:

  • Entering post-secondary studies and will be in a congregate living setting (such as a dormitory or other residence) operated by a post-secondary institution for the first time.
  • First-time military recruits who will be living in a congregate setting such as military barrack.

Vaccines will be administered at select pharmacies and appointments can be booked at:

Prince Edward Island

In April 2023, PEI announced that the Meningitis B vaccine will be funded for students attending a post-secondary school and living in residence in PEI or out-of-province.

The Men-B vaccine program is available to all incoming and current post-secondary students living in residence. Students should have proof of acceptance to residence prior to booking their Men-B vaccine appointment. The Men-B vaccine will be administered by the University of Prince Edward Island and Holland College to their students, and by Health PEI Public Health Nursing for Islanders who are attending post-secondary out-of-province.

We’re partnering with Universities & Colleges across Nova Scotia to promote awareness and encourage meningitis B vaccinations.

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