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Kai was a young, healthy student who showed tremendous potential. In less than 30 hours, meningitis B claimed his life. Read Kai’s story.

Know The Facts

  • Meningitis B can strike fast without warning, and 1 in every 10 people who contract the illness will die.
  • Post-secondary students are 5 times more likely to get meningitis B. 
  • Meningitis B is the most lethal strain of meningitis, and although there is a vaccine available, you are unlikely to have been immunized against the B strain.
  • Meningitis B symptoms manifest rapidly and are frequently misdiagnosed as the flu. Know the warning signs.

Student Health Information

Talk to your student health representative about the meningitis B vaccine.

Acadia University
Students should contact James Sandford:

Dalhousie University
Students should contact:
Student Health and Wellness

University of King’s College
Students should contact:
Student Health and Wellness

Saint Mary’s University
Students should contact:

NSCAD University
Students should contact the Office of Opportunity & Belonging:

Université Sainte-Anne
Students should contact Sebastien Dol:

Cape Breton University
Students should contact Health Services:

St. Francis Xavier University
Students can book an appointment:
Health and Counselling Centre

Mount Saint Vincent University
Students should contact Maxine Brewer:

Students should contact the Student Benefits Plan office: 

We’re partnering with Universities & Colleges across Nova Scotia to promote awareness and encourage meningitis B vaccinations.